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AX11000 - Is There a Way to See Which Network?

Level 7
Presently I have my AX11000 setup with three wifi networks: One for our primary devices, one for IoT devices, and a third as a guest network. The router UI's connected devices screen shows you which interface (i.e. 2.4G vs 5G vs 5G-2), but does not provide you a means to see which network they joined from. Is there a screen I'm missing to see which devices are connected via which wifi network, and if there isn't how do we request that get added? It seems like a major miss to me.

Level 8
Using the web UI: Network Map(left side menu)->View List button(Red/burgandy button, not in the menu area)->Interface button(top left of client windows)..

That will tell you who is connected to where.

That only shows me the interface (i.e. which band the connection is on or wired). I'm trying to find which wifi network a device is joined on (Main vs Guest)

Level 8
You should not have the Guest network using the same SSID name as the main network so it should be easy to tell which one you are connected to by looking at your laptop connection. I do not understand why this is a problem. There is only 1 radio for each band so the guest 5Ghz1 is the same radio as the non guest 5ghz1 and the same for the other 2 bands. The speed will be the same for each band whether you are on the guest or not. Usually the only difference is the guest networks are not given access to the local they can't see other devices on the network as that is the purpose of the guest networks.

I'm isolating IoT devices on one guest network from "true" guests on the network under a different wifi name.

Even if it was simply my primary network and guest network, there still isn't a clear screen that I can see to show you if a device is connected to your guest network vs the primary network (all I can see is which radio a device is connected on). I'd like to be able to see if a device is on my guest network or my primary network, that's a fairly standard feature of most routers.