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AX11000 Aura setting to Event not working

Level 7
I am trying to make the Aura RGB on the AX11000 do something when set to Event.
The LED's work, as selecting any of the other modes (Static, Breathing, Rainbow etc) all make the LEDs do what they are supposed to do.
However, selecting Event, I have not seen the LED do anything.
I thought I would at least be able to get Game Boost or Traffic Meter to make the LED show something.
Game Boost should certainly be the easiest to make work, as you can just configure the Boost button to enable Game Boost, but the LEDs .
do not light up with the red breathing effect as it should.
Am am thinking that perhaps it will only light when the router detects Game Boostable traffic ?
Traffic Monitor I would expect to change colours depending on the WAN link utilisiation (which is probably based on the BW QOS definitons which I have set manually).
I have tried setting the QOS BW lower than the real BW, and performed a download and upload of something big, just to make the router think the WAN is pretty much 100% saturated, but still the LED's do nothing.
I have firemware installed atm, but thought I would check here to see if anyone has this problem before trying other firemware versions or logging a support call.