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AX11000 and Asus router app / no connectivity

Level 10
Set up this router this weekend and when i open the router app on my phone to connect and manage the router, i follow the steps to connect and just get a connection failed. It sees my router and when i hit next to connect to it, i get the error connection failed.

I can manage the device just fine while directly connected and also from my phone when I go to the management portal.

I will note that i did take the latest FW update as soon as i set the device up without looking online for bugs first. Rolled back to previous release yesterday and no change.

I've rebooted the device a few times now and still unable to make the connection through the app on my phone. Tried reset to factory default and setting up with the app but still fails to connect even though it can see the new unconfigured router.

Any ideas please?

Level 10
anyone please? does this have to do with protecting management frames "capable" selected?