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AT&T Fiber, GT-BE98 Pro, and Nodes, Change of Setup.

Level 15

I've made quite a bit of upgrades to my home network since moving to AT&T Fiber from Giggle Fiber (Cable Modem service).  AT&T requires use of it's provided/proprietary gateway, in my case a BGW320-500.  I have since switched my GT-BE98 Pro to Access Point Mode and added my 5 AiMesh nodes:  GT-AXE16000, RT-AX86U, RP-AX58, RP-AX56, and RT-AC68U.  See Scenario 2 (Ethernet Backhaul):

[AiMesh] How to set up ASUS AiMesh or ZenWiFi Mesh Ethernet backhaul under different conditions ? (A...

Only the RT-AC68U seems to accept/connect to clients readily, which pretty much makes the rest of my WiFi network poorly performing, as well as my GT-AXE16000 seems to have 6 GHz stuck in backhaul mode:  SSID_dwb.

After a while of living with this I added a TP-Link Deco BE95, then ACER Predator W6, both in Access Point Mode.  (No, they don't work perfectly either).

I just removed the GT-AXE16000 from being an AiMesh node and switched it to Access Point Mode.  I use(d) ASUS Device Discovery version to find my routers, which strangely does not find the RT-AC68U, but that's okay, and was able to complete AXE16000 setup using the IP address provided, on a computer connected to a LAN port on the AXE16000.

I'm going to leave the RT-AC68U as a node to the BE98 Pro, then (probably, haven't yet), move the rest to being nodes to the AXE16000.  All Access Points have WiFi Agile Multiband enabled where available, (only ASUS routers so far have this setting, at least in Access Point Mode).

Interestingly this does not require any sort of change in Ethernet Port connections because of the way ASUS designed how AiMesh works over wired backhaul.


Just to be clear, the save/restore process does restore static LAN assignments. However, there is a stand alone option to export the static LAN assignments separate from the save/restore of the entire configuration. While there is an export option there isn't an import option. So, you can't wipe, and then import the static LAN assignments alone. 

Well, now that I think about it... maybe I could compare the config files, and the file after reset, then modify a file to load just the static LAN assignments.... Should have thought of that in advance,,, next time...