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AsusTUF AX4200

Level 7

Hi, I'm interested in buying this router but I want to know does this router supports VDSL2 connection? I tried to find some info on the net about this but didn't find anything. Is some officials from asus or anyone else here know this for sure please let me know.


Level 14

Very likely still need a modem/gateway…

Level 7

Yup, I found out this router does not have DSL support at all, as a matter of fact entire AX series doesn't have it.

I decided to roll the dice and Googled ASUS DSL.  I was surprised but they do make a DSL modem/router combo, the DSL-AX82U!  Not sure which country you are from I’m afraid so I am putting a link to the ASUS global page for it…

Same model but without DSL is only available in my country. Didn't know that model also have DSL variant.

ASUS does not sell the DSL-AX82U here in the USA also.  The internet company makes you buy your own modem?

They gave me their modem but it's a complete trash, that is why I want to buy some better aftermarket DSL modem.