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Asus ZenWifiPro AXE11000 ET12 Node giving half the speed as Main Router

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I recently purchased the ASUS ZenWifiPro AXE11000 ET12 system to have full Wifi coverage in my 3000+ SQ ft home. I have the main router on first floor which is connected via Ethernet to my Verizon Fios modem. I have the node on the second floor directly above where the main router is and have it set to use the 6 Ghz frequency as the backend. The 6 Ghz frequency is private and is used exclusively by the router and node to communicate / provide backahul. On the main floor node, i'm getting close to the 1Gbps as advertised from Fios but when i connect a device to the upstairs ET12 node, i get about half of that. Is there a way to get the full 1Gbps speed from the upstairs ET 12 node?


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Is possible to use map-t protocol in this router and is Ipoe too for sky wifi?

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I don’t know if this is feasible in your specific case, but is it possible to try an Ethernet cable to connect the two, I believe the limit is 100 meters?  Just as a test.

It is unfortunately not feasible as there is no hole in the wall to pull the ethernet through.


I am not familiar with ZenWiFi series as I do not have one.

Is there a place you can see the negotiated speed between the two?  I believe it’s called PHY rate.

Yup, here is some additional info:

Firmware Version:

Uplink Type: Wireless 6Ghz

Connection Quality: Great

PHY Rate: Transmit - 2041.7 Mbps, Receive: 1945.6 Mbps

I should note, my cell phone is connected to the 5Ghz wireless SSID.

If QoS is turned on, I know the router will cap the available bandwidth on any device, including my Ethernet wired PC, (which as reference is on 10 G backhaul).  BUT that would include connections directly to the main router, not just to the node on the upper floor.

Your cell phone may be connected to the node at the same time as the other device you use.  I find the device list, at least on my AXE16000, is not always reliable.  (This morning I saw my son’s MacBook simultaneously connected to my router, downstairs like yours, and upstairs node, both on 6 GHz.  Soon after it disappeared from the router which I suspected was correct because he was up in his bedroom).

To sum up my concern the only way I’m confident you have a single device connected to your node, and hence allocated the full available bandwidth, is if you for example turn off your cell phone and then check the speed.  Make sure only one device is connected to the upper node, and nothing else to the network by that matter, then test.

(Hopefully you don’t get the opposite concern that the device is connected to the router but falsely shown as connected to the node)!

If you can't run ethernet, I would get a 1gbit+ powerline kit and try that. They're surprisingly inexpensive and work really well.

I use ethernet backhaul between my XT-8 mesh nodes, and I get 1Gbps down when I'm connected to either node. The ET-12 is a much more powerful router than my XT-8 and should have no issue. Since the ET-12 has the 2.5gbps ports, I'd spring for a 2000 gbps powerline kit. 👌

Depending of Antenna configuration, having one router directly another one may not be the best option.  You might try taking the ET12 downstairs, just for testing and see if it helps.

You could also try positioning a couple the AXE11000 antennas so they point to the walls, not the ceiling.  I do not know which antenna are dedicated to one radio, if any of them are dedicated. 

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Is possible to use map-t protocol in this router and is Ipoe too for sky wifi?