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ASUS URGENT, Theres a MAYJOR flaw in your products. hackers using port 18017

Level 7
Jesus Asus , you guys costed me so much.. this is my 2nd time with this problem ive spend 500 on 2 of your routers , only the 2nd time around i knew what was going on and saved my pc from getting infected again thanks to your routers. so the 1st that the ax56u was hacked i didnt notice anything was off untill the ddos in my systems logs even the ai protections had no hits , but that was to late as they already hacked the router and rootkitted my pc.. anyways i threw the router and my motherboard and 2 ssds and the rams out the bin. they root kited the motherboard so good that i couldnt even select a hd for windows install. 2nd time around , Brand new router, i even brought A WHOLE BRAND NEW PC, every single part was brand new, i didnt want to bring any infected parts over. okay anyways fresh install of windows and i choose a different security suit i had Kaspersky total protection and malwarebytes. anyways the new router did not log into the internet for a whole week, told my isp to change my ip aswell and told them to check there end to see if they were the ones who got compromised , i recieved an email that there end was clear. okay so one week past i started to build my brand new computer , as soon as i installed windows i downloaded kaspersky and malware on my phone( Brand new phone and number) as said i didnt want to bring any infected devices over. during these parts 3 days ive been monitoring my logs. to see if anything out of the ordinary comes up i saw nothing , untill i looked into my active connections and saw my pc ip had 2 more active connections , i am on VPN so usallly my active connection goes though the VPN , only when the computer 1st start up there are lots of active connections , but usally in 5mins all the active connections to my pc ip goes away and goes though vpn , so as soon as i seen extra connections to my pc ip, i searached the destination ip straight away , so the ip adress say it was belonging to Microsoft, but i clicked on abuse website to get more info on the ip, and users from different countrys saying its a port scan and a hacker ddosing, and i relieased this is the same port they got though the 1st time. and the ports are asus ports to redirect when internet is not working , this is a BIG MAYJOR FLAW. you dont understand the stresss ive been though............ lucky the 2nd time i saw that port and searched the ip straight away. even the router page was loading really slow. it wasnt like that before i did a fresh install of windows and lucky i had another router laying around and used it and setup and everything is good , omg just in time..... the hacker didnt get the chance to rootkit my new pc build. but this is a BIG issue here... i will be contacting my Australia consumer laws and maybe even the Australian federal police, this is not on, you guys are sellling a FLAWED router system to the public..... i read an article how your update servers was compromised and even your routers has around 500.000 hacked ones...... Asus was a top tier company in my mind , after this ordeal i cant trust your products no more.