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Asus RT-AX89X keep checking firmware update everyday and randomly Wi-Fi drop

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Hi All,

I am new here and I just bought the Asus router AX89X.

I have been updated the FW to latest version on the date 1 I got the router.

But the router is keep checking FW update every day. Also the WIFI will randomly drop that `make the connection unstable.

How can I upload/attach  the log file here so that someone can help me look into this problem?


Thank you so much!!!



I just flashed the older FW to the router.

1. Flashed the FW version FW_RT_AX89U_300438647027

2. Restored to factory default.

3. Flashed to latest version FW_RT_AX89X_300438647468

4. Restored to factory default.

But there is still EU waring on the log file.

And that warning was on May 4.

I bought this router on July 2023 brand new.

Every time I restore the router the log file always start from May 4 .

Line 1492 in the log

May  4 22:05:21 ERP: The model isn't under EU SKU!
May  4 22:05:21 avahi-daemon[1430]: Alias name "RT-AX89X" successfully established.
May  4 22:05:21 avahi-daemon[1430]: Alias name "findasus" successfully established.

Line 2335 in the log

May  4 22:05:21 ERP: The model isn't under EU SKU!
May  4 22:05:21 avahi-daemon[1453]: Alias name "RT-AX89X" successfully established.
May  4 22:05:21 avahi-daemon[1453]: Alias name "findasus" successfully established.

So I think that not because I upgraded the wrong FW version. It was loaded from the manufactory.

Hmmm.  That is strange.  I was very hopeful that that was the problem, as flashing BIOS is not a complicated task, that doesn’t possibly require sending in for service/diagnosis.

I guess we will have to wait at least a couple of days to see if your WiFi dropping issue has stopped.  If it’s any consolation from my little research it seems the US FCC is on the more liberal end regarding WiFi specs.

EDIT- I thought I saw somewhere on the logs that WAN side was dropping.  This possibly causes LAN and/or WiFi drops.  Have you had issues on the WAN side/from your ISP?  Maybe check with them if they see any concerns with your connection/modem?

No, I am not aware any WAN issue.


If that is WAN issue I will still see the wifi signal with the exclamation mark on it. But I just got no wifi signal on my phone and it resume in a minute.

Also, what you see on the log for WAN drop? Can you show it to me?

WAN site was dropping, could it posible when I restore the router cause the router reboot so that the WAN port on router down and it captured on log?

Regarding the EU warning.

I found there was a post on SNBforum. Someone had that warning on the log same me and it seem that related to every saving in EU.

Post #347.

I apologize upfront if I misinterpret this.  It is from syslog_after_upgrade file:

May 4 22:05:22 WAN Connection: WAN(0) link down.

Every regarding to May 4 or May 5 was the default log that came with the router everytime I perform restore.

No matter when I perform restore. The first time and date show in log was May 4 & May 5.

As I said, I bought this router on July.

So everything happened on May 4 or 5 could be from the manufacturer.


That could be when I perform the factory restore and not setup the WAN yet. Therefore It not detected the WAN port and it show WAN port down.


After setup the WAN port it will connect to NTP server and it will show the log on current date and time.

I understand that the date is probably date of manufacturer or testing before packaging, and hasn’t been corrected yet due to factory reset.  The message looks like a WAN drop to me, just like I was concerned about the EU warning unnecessarily….

Ya, I think when I perform the restore the date and time on router will set back on May 4.


At that time no network setup yet. That why you see the WAN port down on that date.

After setup network, it will auto update the time and date to current.

Since, I perform restore and flash FW in 2 continuous days. The router will reboot right after that. It not run long enough to cause wifi drop.


So, I think I have to keep using it as current status and keep monitoring if it will have any wifi drop any more.

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