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Asus RT-AX89X keep checking firmware update everyday and randomly Wi-Fi drop

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Hi All,

I am new here and I just bought the Asus router AX89X.

I have been updated the FW to latest version on the date 1 I got the router.

But the router is keep checking FW update every day. Also the WIFI will randomly drop that `make the connection unstable.

How can I upload/attach  the log file here so that someone can help me look into this problem?


Thank you so much!!!



No promises this will work, I used this to solve terribly slow upload speeds.  There is a setting in the Windows Device Management Properties called “Large Send Offload”.  For the SFP+ properties try one by one to disable (IPv4, IPv6 however many try disabling one then Speedtest, if no change enable, then disable the next one) to see which may improve the speed.

If that is the case. It should affect the upload speed too.

As you can see my upload speed can get over 7Gb. But the download speed not even 1Gb.

The Large send offload only affect download speed?

Reading about it it does not specify upload or download.  It just says the NIC will handle packets enabled and disabled the host CPU.  When I had issue my upload speed was similar to what your download issue, about 1/10th what it was supposed to be.  (My Giggle Fiber service is actually Cable Modem and upload is around 42 Mbps per Speedtest so one would easily recognize it was running at 4 Mbps and there’s a problem).  This solution was replicated on 3 PCs but I can not find the original reference nor remember which specific one of the two or three Large Send Offloads did the trick.

Jumbo packet option is also there in the properties as a FYI…

I just re-upgraded the FW on the link you provided (Asus US website).

However, after upgraded I still see the ERP: The model isn't under EU SKU! in the log. 

The log I downloaded is not showing that message for Aug 20, today’s date.  Is it missing in the one you uploaded today?  I don’t see it.

How is it running?  Are you still getting WiFi drops?  How’s the LAN speed test results after flashing the US firmware?

The log is today.


After reset to factory default. The log will show May 4.

In the log you can see Aug 20 and then May 4.

I just re-flashed the FW 2 hours ago. So, I can't tell if the wifi will drop or not. Because it randomly drop sometimes a day or it will drop 1 time in 1-2 day each.


The speed test still the same. I can get max speed on 1Gb RJ45. Buy can't get max on 10Gb SFP+ port.

Hi, I did look through the May entries but missed it.  I did find the same warning as you about the EU just now reading through more carefully.

I’m not confident the U.S. firmware completely erased the EU firmware, if you flashed the exact same firmware version # US over EU.  If it were my router I would:

1. Flash older US firmware onto the router.

2. Flash the latest US version either manually or through the WebGUI (ASUSwrt) check for update.

Ya, that what I said. I still see the EU warning on the log.

We can flash the older FW over the newer? I thought it cannot rollback.

If so, I will flash the oder FW and see.

It takes a manual flash to upload an older firmware, after which I do suggest to flash the latest (US) firmware.  You need to download to a local computer, decompress, and then upload on the WebGUI (ASUSwrt).

But yes most of the time you can revert back to an older one.  (I tried to find a BIOS that notes can not revert to an older version but no luck, at least not one I have).

Yes, I did manual flash the FW from the computer. Just like this morning or before.

I will flash the older FW and upgrade it to latest FW tomorrow.