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Asus RT-AX55 Still No Internet Since

Level 9

I have this RT-AX55 / AX1800 that went down a week ago (along with two other people who had other model Asus routers)then I saw articles all over the place like this one :  at the time Verizon came and replaced this RT-AX55 with the old Verizon router they'd previously used:

Verizon Red Router.jpg

That got them back up and running but when I finally started to see these articles and instructions to fix the problem I went and reset the router and put it back. However it's still saying that there's no internet and I've reset it to factory defaults several times; when I login to the GUI the network map says something like Internet Status can't get IP address from the providers DHCP. Is there something I'm missing about this?


I would (if this were mine) manually flash, hard reset, flash, hard reset, then upgrade/flash the latest, hard reset. (Read the release note for for my reasoning)…

Then I would try to set it up, before buying a new router.  (Well depending if it’s out of warranty, if in warranty I’d reach out to tech support).

This was Norm's post, but thank you. I'll give this a shot.

I did a hard reset and I flashed the firmware to four versions out of date, rebooted and then flashed the latest and I installed it back today and it is now working. Thanks everyone for all your help!