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Asus RT-AX55 Still No Internet Since

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I have this RT-AX55 / AX1800 that went down a week ago (along with two other people who had other model Asus routers)then I saw articles all over the place like this one :  at the time Verizon came and replaced this RT-AX55 with the old Verizon router they'd previously used:

Verizon Red Router.jpg

That got them back up and running but when I finally started to see these articles and instructions to fix the problem I went and reset the router and put it back. However it's still saying that there's no internet and I've reset it to factory defaults several times; when I login to the GUI the network map says something like Internet Status can't get IP address from the providers DHCP. Is there something I'm missing about this?


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I did a hard reset and I flashed the firmware to four versions out of date, rebooted and then flashed the latest and I installed it back today and it is now working. Thanks everyone for all your help!

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You may need to release the DHCP lease prior to disconnecting the provided router:

I installed this router March 29, 2022 and when I swapped the old router out and installed the new router I had no such problem and didn't have to release the DHCP lease and I've replaced a number of POS Verizon routers with other brand routers and again never had to do that so I don't think this is at all likely.

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I also am still having issues with that router. Many people online are still having issues with that specific router since the update. Hmmmmmmm

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I'm assuming you guys have set the Verizon router to some sort of modem only mode effectively bypassing the router capabilities of the device so you can use your own asus router?

I don't have Verizon, but with my AT&T gateway (which is essentially a modem/router), I have to set it to bypass mode in order to use my own Asus router.  With Spectrum, I had to do something similar as well.

The people who have this router are a business and have a Verizon FIOS equipment box and an Ethernet cable comes right from that box into the WAN port on the router, the old router is not in use in any way when the AX1800 is installed.

I see.  Sorry, I misunderstood.  I thought you were still using a Verizon modem/router and trying to connect your Asus router to that Verizon modem/router.

Does Verizon provide any guidance on how to swap out their supplied router with a third party router?  I did a quick google search and found a couple of guides which may or may not be helpful.... they're both several years old, so they may not be suitable for newer equipment.


I installed this router in March of 2022 and I just unplugged the old one and plugged in the new one and there's been no problem up until the big Asus router blackout of 2023. So I'm not sure why there's a problem putting is back now but one of the posters above said "I also am still having issues with that router. Many people online are still having issues with that specific router since the update. Hmmmmmmm" so I'm not sure that this is any DHCP issue since I didn't have this problem when I first installed it. After I reset it (multiple times) I get the new router setup when go to the AX1800 address and I set it up but get no internet and I get the error I mentioned.

I have done the factory reset multiple times. The RT-AX55 has not fully come back for many since the mandatory firmware push. This is not a two person issue, this is happening to many, many people around the globe. Many people simply bought new routers.

Do you mind sharing what BIOS version running?

Curious if the RT-AX55 can get assigned an IP address from the Verizon provided router?  (I know double NAT but can help narrow down where the problem is).