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Asus RT-AC5300 IPTV and LAN speed drop issue (same with AX-82U)

Level 7
Hi, so i have an RT-AC5300 router. I want to replace the router that was given by my ISP by this one. Basically, what happens is that if i connect the router and operate normally via LAN/WIFI the speed is good and it runs fine. However if i enable IPTV (which i have in my room) in the settings by setting VID 6 on LAN 4 and then plug the lan cord to the LAN 4 port the IPTV works fine however the speed of my desktop drops to as low as 90mbit (i have a gigabit internet). This does not happen with my ISPs router (Technicolor). I have tried Asus AX82U as well and the issue is the same. Any ideas what could be wrong?