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Asus RT-AC5300 and Dual Wan load balancing configuration

Level 7

Hi all,

I recently added a secondary wan connection (USB 4G LTE Dongle) to my ASUS RC-AC5300; I configured it as load balancing with 9:1 ration but many devices are facing connection issue and I had to create static route to force them to a specific one.

Is there anything I need to do to make the load balancing configuration work without create static routes?



Level 14

Did you try adjusting the DHCP query frequency to normal?

Thanks for your reply, why do you think that DHCP frequency could be an issue?

I'm reading around that online multiplayers game need to have the connection on a single wan. I'm having issue with games and streaming content providers like netflix.

Ahh, I reread your original post and I missed that you noted “many devices”, but that doesn’t mean all traffic.

Are the issues severe?  Do you get logged out of the game and/or Netflix/Do they crash?  Or is it choppy or lagging?


as per this post:

it seems that dual balancing requires static routes for gaming and I would say CDN.

I noted some little issue also on some IoT device like Alexa Echo.

I also noted that in load balancing if I turn off primary wan there is a little loss of packets when it moves to seconday wan.

Because of this I just switched to Fail Over mode.

Do you think we can require to Asus to address the bugs in their dual wan feature?


Level 14

One can definitely send in a "suggestion".  Under Advanced Settings-> Administration there's a Feedback tab towards the top.  Whenever I find something wrong I try to send one.

As a heads up I usually get a thankful response but the solution given isn't quite what I was looking for.  Anyways I like to think that I clearly stated the issue and that behind the scenes they are actually working on it...

I hope the same, I think it's a new feature that still need to be tuned.

Dual wan load balancing for the moment is not working as should be if I have to create static route for all the devices to force them to use primary wan

I was browsing the EOL product list and sadly see the RT-AC5300 at the bottom of the router list.  I'm afraid they may not fix the problem, although I'm really not sure...

The recommended replacements are either the RT-AX5400 or the RT-AXE7800.

Thanks for the checking,

unhappy to know it's already EOL. Do you think it's worth to change it since it works perfectly? 

If you’re happy with it, (minus the dual WAN dud), then no.  My original RT-AC68U (I think V2) was working well.  Then our ISP required us to upgrade our speed, and at the same time advised me to upgrade the router.  The RT-AC68U (V4 if I remember correctly) is on the EOL list as well.  Our V2 is now perched on a window sill high above our entry door and provides WiFi all the way to the street maybe some 50 ft away, as an AiMesh node.  Go figure if you’re lucky they still support the router that is 6 years old, with recent firmware update….