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ASUS Rog GT-AC5300 Router

Level 7
I have been struggling with the VPN Fusion feature and OpenVPN Server when the router just stop responding (Confused?)
I was barely able to reset system to factory and start over. Long story short, I cannot access gui login page at all. I have tried every way I know. Now I would like to do a hard reset on this router and have discovered there is no reset button. I have owned and used 3 other ASUS routers and never had this problem. Would anyone know if I could reset this router without the GUI interface, since I cannot access the gui at all. Thanks for any help

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi blazer5,

Here is the reset button:

Were you able to access the GUI before?
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Level 7
On a side note, just as a thought...

unsecure access to router GUI ...

secure access to router GUI ...

And when resetting the GT-AC5300 with the rear reset button you may or may not run into issues. I had to use the 30/30/30 reset in order to get it to factory reset. And even after it did reset, I had to do another two power cycles to get the GUI to finally show up. Most ASUS routers are finicky like that, and need a little sweet talkin to get them happy again.
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Level 13
This router served me well but its now obsolete. AD is in, SFP+ in at least a single port is a must. Loved the performance and interface and the funky look grew on me after awhile. Two years later and its time to move on. Unfortunately ASUS is still lost in two year old tech for routers.

I could do without the AD as its pretty much line of site but the 10GB SFP+ is a show stopper now.
My new setup
Netgear X10 nighhawk AD with SFP+
Netgear XS708T 10GBe managed switch.
RVIE 10GBe connection
NAS with SFP+

This gets me the full GB FIOS connection and the NAS access over LAN is nearly as fast as a pair of 850 evos in raid local. 850-900MB/s and with occasional peaks near 1GB/s Damn sure faster than a USB 3.0 drive attached.

Time to step it up ASUS. This was the fastest but Netgear just gave it a severe spanking.

The only thing ASUS has on it is a little better tweaking on a few things, history logging and parental control by setting hours. With the Netgear there is an app for that. When my kids dont respect their time limits I launch the app on my Iphone and with one swipe......they are shut down!

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