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ASUS GT-BE98 Pro MLO dilemma

Level 7

Hi everyone.
Got an used ASUS GT-BE98 Pro from one of my friend came back from USA. It is not available in my country.
I have configured it properly albeit 6GHz not available as per regulation.
Updated the firmware to v3. , everything are working properly , but if I enable the MLO button within MLO tab the router stuck.
Just merely enabling the MLO button is causing this. Not even adding any MLO profile or anything , just enabling button cause router to stuck , sometimes all wifi LED off , sometimes stop blinking , SSID advertising also stop and router fully disconnect from every wifi client.
Again after hard re-booting it works for 5-10 mins , then same issue.

Checked after factory reset 3 times , the issue persist.

But if I disable the MLO , the router is rock stable with Smartconnect enabled
Any help would be appreciated.


Level 15

One method noted here was to try to set the country to USA.

Enabling MLO should have a pop-up window asking you to create MLO SSID and Legacy SSID?

I will try , but I am not able to understand the logic behind this.

Only enabling MLO is sufficient or enabling and add one MLO profile also needed ?

Without MLO option enabled (no MLO profile) but smart-connect enabled , my OnePlus 12 showing it is using MLO. ASUS router App also showing that OP12 is connected to MLO interface.
Can not understand ASUS's implementation of Smart-Connect and MLO

In many cases, when the system is not configured correctly, the Web GUI will show a message as to the problem.  Yours isn't showing anything that might help identify the problem?

Do you have Wi-Fi 7 enabled?

As @jzchen mentioned, when you set the system up, you should have seen a window that just showed boxes for one SSID and a password.  Everything else should have been set up.

Your phone does not appear to have a 6 GHz capability.  It does appear to have 3 radios, but the 5.8 GHz one is not in the 6G region, unless some special rules are in place.

Since the router was not sold in Europe, there may be some built-in safeguards regarding it use.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

i have reset it two times by WPS method , and reconfigured it , every time it is properly working with SSID setup. Until I move the sliding switch from left to right within MLO tab.

Once the MLO enabled , it stuck (most of the time within 5min), not only stuck its wifi LED sometimes getting off and SSID not showing anymore.(i.e. its wifi function totally getting disabled / power off) 
only way to hard reboot , again 5min normal then same issue.

But if I disable the MLO , it is rock stable , tested for continuous 1week , not a single issue. 

Yes wifi 7 enabled

I only have one non be 6Ghz client  as AMD RZ616 attached one of my Desktop , and it is working perfectly fine on 2.4 , 5 and both 6Ghz-1 and 6Ghz-2 band , albeit its not MLO.

If country and/or law restriction is there , then it should be for 6GHz , right ? I know my country not open 6GHz yet.

Why MLO causing the stuck ? When I can use both high and low 6GHz with RZ616 .

Tested with both latest official and with Merlin Alpha 1 fw , exact same issue.



I have a TP-Link Deco BE95 to compare:

ASUS MLO:  all four bands, 2.4, 5, 6-1, and 6-2

TP-Link MLO:  only 5 and 6-1

I wish I could copy over from TP-Link to ASUS because that is how I got 6E to work, but it is not possible.  Once you turn on MLO on the ASUS, it ties up all, but at same time should have offered to create a Legacy SSID for 2.4 and 5 GHz?

I guess the latest firmware knows it's location and blocks 6 GHz based on that.  But since it's MLO requires 6-1 and 6-2 maybe it is causing the crash.


I have one TP-Link Archer BE800
with this u can keep 2.4 , 5 and 6GHZ in three separate SSID and create a separate MLO SSID combining all three , perfect 

I did use MLO ( 2.4 and 5) on my OnePlus12 (6G block on phone in my country) and all three on my desktop RZ616 with TP-Link
same for Asus GT-BE98Pro , both 6G-1 and 6G-2 can be connected with RZ616 , that means firmware is not blocking any 6G in my location , same as TP-Link.

But enabling MLO causing this issue.

Separate 6G-1 and 6G-2 working
Smartconnect including all 4 band 6G-1 and 6G-2 working (my desktop RZ616 automatically connect to 6G-1 , no issue)

Just enabling MLO blocking 6G ! Cant understand the logic.

However will try to change the location setting to USA and update



It may not be logical because it may an unintended bug, or maybe even security to prevent use that actually works with MLO turned on in unauthorized country...

Either way I hope you can get it working somehow, as you've got a lot invested into it.

Level 15

BTW-  I kind of forgot to mention I have a OnePlus Open.  I haven't gotten great/super speed that I see online, so far.  It may be a OnePlus issue...

i think until ASUS de-couple smartconnect and MLO , this issue will persist.