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Asus GT-AXE11000 download speed Different thread

Level 7

Hey all, 

             So my previous setup was a tplink WiFi 6 router setup with my internet provider via pppoe with vlan 10with 2xt ASUS Aimesh. 

I got a axe11000 today disconnected everything and started fresh setup the router first managed to get online fine but speed was capped at approx 100mb I have a 1gb line. I tested this on my iPhone wireless, MacBook via Ethernet and WiFi. I had a look on Reddit and they recommended turning on qos etc however all these were turned off by default. I updated the firmware same issue. The only way I get this to work at full speed is by connecting my old tp link router and using the ASUs router in ap mode with the other two xt8? 

any ideas as tempted to return it. 

thanks in advance 




Level 14

The router has a built in Speed Test can you see what it can get from WAN to the router?  (Trying to isolate where the issue is).

Showing same speeds within the built in Speedtest. Every solution I have seen on-site is turn off qos but mine was off by default 

QoS is a LAN side problem, say you get the full 1 Gbps on the router speed test but your devices are stuck at 100 Mbps. The router is reserving bandwidth for others that may suddenly request it, (these devices won’t experience lag).  If you’re only getting 100 Mbps on the built in speed test you are experiencing a WAN side problem.

One of the things to try is a hard/factory reset after a firmware update.  Have you done that?  See instructions in link if you don’t know how:

So I managed to get this sorted. I had done a few hard resets previous and did the same today and checked all the settings. Last attempt I plugged the wan cable into the 2.5gbe instead of the 1gb wan port and set it up with the 2.5 and it’s been perfect.  Any ideas as to why that night happen?

I suspect a firmware/BIOS bug.  It should work.  My first ROG router is the GT-AXE11000.  I remember testing both 1 G and 2.5 G ports as WAN.  With the 1 G port I was getting router speed test around 97x Mbps download speed.  When I switched to 2.5 G port I pretty consistently got 107x Mbps.  It should not be giving you 100 Mbps after this many years of being on the market.  I eventually bought an AXE16000 as soon as I found one available, so the AXE11000 is now my node…

EDIT-  I checked my My ASUS account and the warranty on the AXE11000 is set to expire 2024/1/9 so I’ve had it for 1 yr 10 months roughly.  It moved to be a node exactly 5 months later…