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Asus GT-AXE 16000 poor wifi signal

Level 7

Hello everyone,

I have the Asus Router GT-AXE 16000 which i noticed i have poor wifi signal. My house is 80 square meters top floor and 40 square meters lower floor which in the lower floor i have no signal. The router is installed in the top right room the living room and the kitchen is on the left downstairs. I used to have signal when i was down but suddnely i am losing signal. Is there something i can do? As i see in the manual it says that the coverage is 5500 square feet which is 500 square meters house. Is this normal?

Thank you your help.


Level 13

If I understand correctly the router is on one (“right”) end of the house but the kitchen is downstairs on the other (“left”) end?  I don’t know how easy for you it would be to move the router towards the center of the upper floor, but that would be the most cost effective solution.  (I tried to center my AXE16000 on the 1st floor, which is much larger than the second floor).  If moving it is just not possible the second option is to add a repeater such as RP-AX58, or other ASUS AiMesh capable, AiMesh node.

Also maybe something was introduced that causes WiFi interference?  (It may be even a nearby neighbor who changed their network)?  Such things as running a microwave can cause interference, or large appliances that block signal?…

Not possible since all my setup is there. What repeater will you recommend me? 

I noticed you said you used to have signal downstairs.  Is that with a different router or the AXE16000?  (If a different router may I ask which make/model?  Did you change the stand/table that may affect the signal to downstairs?  I honestly find it strange as this is a very powerful router).  I would definitely try adjusting at least a pair of antennae as @Saltgrass suggests before purchasing anything.  Also if you don’t mind please verify you have updated to the most current firmware.  Which firmware version is installed)?

I have two ASUS range extenders a RP-AX58 and RP-AX56.  With the most current firmware I am happy with both performance.  (They are both hardwired/Ethernet backhaul as a heads up.  Do you use a lot of bandwidth downstairs)?

I have the GT-AXE 16000 main router in my living room where my setup is. I did a firmware update just now but yea i will use range extenders to be sure but its shame with so much antennas and payed 800 euros for it. My internet connection is 1gbs fiber thought.

Level 12

The Wi-Fi signal is strongest perpendicular to the direction the Antenna is pointing.  If you are on another floor, most of the signal will be on that same level.  

You could try changing the orientation a few of the antenna to see if it makes a difference, but a wired downstairs mesh unit may be best.

Also, realize Wi-Fi signals my not penetrate certain substances.  Water in Fish tanks or water heaters, along with other metal appliances may restrict the signal. 

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