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asus gt-ax11000

Level 7

Hello, maybe can come explain me how can i get full speed of my internet.

At home i have 2gb internet plan, and i have Asus GT-AX11000 router, my computer connected ith my router with lan cable on realtek 2.5 gbps port, but my speed still 1gb, what i doing wrong


Level 13

Do you know if your Modem/Gateway has more than one output for the Router?  I do not know if multiple outputs from a switch will work.

An AX Wi-Fi connection will give you close to 2 Gbps.  

Have you tested the WAN/LAN port if it will do over 1 Gbps when used as a WAN port?  The wireless connection to your computer may allow you to confirm this.

If you have multiple input sources to the router, there may be something called WAN aggregation or something similar.  If that router has this, I think you use LAN port 4 in combination with the normal WAN port.

There are folks here with much more experience than I have with such things as you are wanting to do.  They should show up shortly.


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Level 14

(EDIT-  Please refer to the second solution below).  The GT-AX11000 has only one multi-gig/2.5 Gbps ethernet port.  I would connect this 2.5 G ethernet port to your modem/ONT from the ISP.  There's no simple way to connect your computer to the GT-AX11000 by ethernet to get the 2 Gbps because all the remaining ports are 1 Gbps.  You could try a dual port NIC and try to take advantage of LAN Link Aggregation...

EDIT-  You can try an ASUS USB-C2500 to connect the modem/ONT to the USB 3.1 port on the GT-AX11000, then connect your 2.5 G realtek NIC to the 2.5 G port on the GT-AX11000.