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ASUS GT-AX11000 wan disconnect and reconnect

Level 10
had a problem the other day, internet was turning on and off for 4 days last week, and i was trouble shooting the problem and notice everytime my internet goes off i quickly log in to my ax-11000 and see the wan is disconnected and after a min it connects again so i tought it was isp related so called isp and they said thier was no problem on thier side, so back to observing it, and while watching youtube and running a steady ping to and doing other stuff the internet would turn on and off and i can see it on the ax11000 internet status disconnected and connected every few minutes, sometime when its disconnected it takes long so i will go to wan and and click apply and it will connect again, this keep happening the whole 4days

even turning the unit off and on again still the same , also rebooted the router in the GUI same thing, finally i did factory reset default and check "Initialize all the settings, and clear all the data log for AiProtection, Traffic Analyzer, and Web History." then the disconect /connect was ok ok already

so i dont know if this router is faulty or what, but now after 3 to 4 days its kinda acting up again, i'll just wait till its worst again so i can test out if the reset fixes it, but dam if i hace to keep doing it everyweek or every 2 weeks, something i thinks gets corrupted

im connected to my modem in bridge mode and using ax11000 to connect using pppoe

anyone having this issue?

Level 7
Might be unrelated but 2-days ago I had an issue with my GT AC5300, after 8 hours of troubleshooting i broke down and called ASUS!! Spent an hour on the phone and was able to determine there is an issue with their server and to call back in 24hours LOL if it continues. The unit internet LED went red all of a sudden and no internet, i was using plenty of internet prior to this and experienced no sign of it happening. I couldnt access the GUI and the app was not accessible whatsoever. I couldnt confirm anything working whatsoever so i had to hard reset. I have not been able to get stable access to the GUI/app since.

After several hard resets, at the time of writing this 20hours later, i still cannot access the web GUI or app to create/maintain a secured network. The app on my phone is showing one of the past groups of SSID setups, i have deleted the app only to have it unable to reach the router at all (thats new). My other devices show the new (possibly, default) SSIDs in the app but 'no connection' (as opposed to 'unable to reach'). I am at a loss and now having to reach out to ASUS again?

They did remote connect to my PC, my speeds are 350mbps and connection is there, all issues lead to the web GUI/app.

Level 8

i have the same issue and dont know what happened, disconned any time, maybe in 3 days or 1 day, or even in 6 hours. And just can fix if i restart the router and work again.