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ASUS GT-AX11000 PRO no wifi stability please fix the problems

Level 8

I bought a gt ax11000 pro router 4 months ago, this router's wifi is unstable, sometimes the wifi antenna disappears, the big problem is when I'm 20 meters away from the router and I'm doing tests on downloads and uploads, it doesn't work stably, my Internet speed is 50mbs and downloads and uploads, on the speed test the download shows 50mbs and the upload is 30mbs, and another problem is if I am close to the router the download is 20ms and the uploads are 115 and the other router is 8ms 8ms there is no wifi stability please fix the problems we are waiting for new firmware and fixes of these problems in advance Thank you


Level 15

Do you have fixed WiFi channel selection?  If Auto have you tried rebooting the router?

Yes, I tried the fixed channel and without it it makes no difference, rebooting didn’t help either

The reason I asked is because when in Auto channel selection and reboot the router will scan for clear channel to use.  50 Mbps up/down?

yes, there is no change