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ASUS GT - AX11000 Pro issue

Level 7

I have multiple things connected to my router. I’ve gone in abs blocked several so I can game and not have interference. However the items I’ve blocked are still accessing the internet and showing usage. For example I’ve blocked my doorbell camera and it’s still using internet. I have my computer off and it’s still showing as accessing internet. I have 1 gig down and 40 up for internet speed. I’ve rebooted my router and it continues. What gives. 


Level 14

Where are you seeing the devices getting internet access?

On the ASUS router app. 

Level 7

I even went to the browser site and logged in found the same thing. Both accessing internet even though they were blocked. 

Any admin that can chime in and help?

Calling @MasterC ...

Level 7

Constantly seeing upload data being used when devices are blocked. 

Can you share some screenshots? How do you know for certain those clients are accessing the internet? The PC is off. Can you still access the doorbell camera via your app? (I assume you use an app?)

How much data are we talking about? (Is there simply actitivity or are the devices actually accessing the internet?) 

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