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Question for a company representative.
There is a need to make backups once a week to an external drive. Not only, of course, but in general, tightly use the FTP and SMB protocols. What I have already done 100 times on a dozen routers.
I bought an ASUS GS-AX5400.
I connected a hard drive to it, which I used for backups on other routers as well. Its speed has always suited me on other routers. This is about 80-100 megabytes.

I bought your other top product ASUS ROG Strix Arion Lite to replace the HDD.
I bought a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB SSD for it with speeds up to 3.5GB/s.
Then I decided to update my network network because the speeds barely increased.
I bought Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210 with speeds up to 2.4Gb/s (300MB/s).

I bought a new good TypeA-TypeC cable for Arion. On it, a pocket with a computer (in a USB Type A 3.2 connector like a router) has speeds of 464MB/s, and on the TypeS-TypeS cable it is already 1100MB/s. So now this speed is a bottleneck. OK. Let's continue.

The router has USB 3.2 Gen 1x1, which has a speed of 5Gbp/s (625MB/s). This means, in theory, my pocket on the network should have no more speed than 625 megabytes. But since on my computer with the same connector and on the same cable I had 464MB/s, let’s remember this speed.

And in the end, the speed only increased to 50-60 megabytes. I even tested the speed from an iPhone, bringing it close, although the computer is already standing not far from the router in the same room. As a result, the result is in the photo. 60 megabytes maximum at peak.

Next, I bought an RJ45 cat.8 cable up to 40 gigabits and connected the computer via LAN. The router has gigabit ports installed, which means now the gigabit port is a bottleneck (that’s why I bought the AX210) and limits the speed to 1 gigabit (125 megabytes). And now, via cable, the FTP speed has risen to 110-120 megabytes and is always at the maximum. Obviously, over the cable, the router squeezes the maximum out of FTP and approaches the theoretical speed of the LAN port.

What do we (I) have now? I bought an expensive router, an expensive pocket, an expensive SSD, a new network in the computer. What's the end result? To get the FTP speed, what did I have on other routers while using the HDD?
If it were at least 300 megabytes/s (the limitation of my network AX210), I wouldn’t say a word. But getting 50 instead of 300 is... somehow... wrong!!!!

What proposals will there be? Updating the firmware, resetting the settings, setting up FTP first, switching USB 3.0 mode to 2.0 and back, formatting the disk using the web muzzle - don’t suggest it, it’s already been done a hundred times.


1694014696512248.jpgFTP LAN CABLE.jpg0-02-05-26e058a31330525df1ca0267c457bb590e3090743031aace3c32559f1e24d714_e7a13cbfa3ef1e1c.jpg4561.png1.jpgUSB 3.0 кабель типа А (1).png