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Asus axe16000 settings question and aimesh extender recommendation needed.

Level 7

Hi guys!
Anyone has some recommendations for setting up the different bands, channels etc? I just got this router and it has so many options...

Also, I have my main router, the Asus AXE16000 in my office and then in my basement I have an Asus AX11000 (non pro) connected to an ethernet cable to the AXE16000 to enhance coverage in some spotty areas.
It works great but I was wondering if I could use a lesser router for that purpose instead of the ax11000.
What you guys think?



Level 13

Be sure to update firmware for both to the latest.  Default is a good place to start.  I am happy with SmartConnect for 2.4 and both 5 GHz channels.  I enable the 160 MHz bandwidth for both 5 GHz and 6 GHz.  For 5 GHz-2 I set it as both backhaul and fronthaul use.

I’m not sure how to answer your node question.  Would you sell your AX11000?  I don’t know how the secondary market is for these to be honest….

Level 7

Yeah thats the main point right now. If I cannot get an amount of money that makes sense then I will just keep it as is.
I am doing wired AIMesh connection between them so I guess I dont need to do like you with with the 2nd 5Ghz channel unless I wanted to add a third router like on the garage ?

The AXE16000 will likely by default hide the 5 GHz-2 SSID and reserve it for backhaul (if I’m not mistaken YourSSID_dwb) with a “dwb” extension unless you choose to use it as fronthaul also.  OR if you set Ethernet Backhaul mode then by default 5 GHz-2 is made available to devices (with visible SSID I think).  I have always SmartConnected 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz-1, and 5 GHz-2.  Prior I also had 6 GHz with them until it did not connect reliably with MacOS, so now it is separate but same login credentials.

I hope you enjoy this excellent router as it is maturing in reliability…