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Asus AX6000 Slow

Level 7

Just setup my new Asus Rog Gt-AX6000 router. I don't know much about these things. I got it for faster speeds, its connected as a third party router to my Starlink, which then I've went through and enabled bypass mode in the app. I've went through setup and have my PS5 hardwired via the Lan cable in the 2.5 wan port. ran multiple speed test and not even touching 100mbs download. On the rog website i have ran speed tests with my laptop on the 2.4/5ghz connections, same thing not even touching 100mbs download. 

I feel like maybe my area isn't the best for Starlink at the moment and it could be the dish, but at the same time its putting out the same speeds as before. I've heard Starlink router was not the greatest hence why I upgraded, you'd think this would be giving me a little better speeds no?

Any help would be appreciated, like i said i know nothing about this stuff so maybe im missing something in the setup.


Level 15

I don’t know much about StarLink so I Googled StarLink maximum throughput.  Found this chart:


 There used to be or may still exist satellite internet service here, but it was/is expensive for low speeds, (Dish/Direct TV, maybe more recently Hughes.  I vaguely remember the names).

I’m not sure but I believe it is the StarLink service that is causing the slow speed…  Do be sure to update the BIOS of the AX6000 to the latest and try again, before deciding to return it.

If you care to share the StarLink router model I could make direct comparison….

Is it crowded with other WiFi near you?

Yeah it totally could be starlink itself. I kind of figured. It’s just the second gen starlink router. Not sure if that helps. 

I think tomorrow I’m gonna mess around see what I ca do but pretty much been searching up everything and watching videos on the best settings for it 

I was able to find info on the StarLink Gen 2 router the GT-AX6000 supports up to 160 MHz bandwidth on 5 GHz vs 80 MHz on the StarLink.  It is definitely a better router…

So by rights then I should be seeing better speeds? I know in general relying on a dish isn’t the best. 

Among your local devices sure. It should be able to balance your devices better as well, (I mean share/distribute the bandwidth).  If you have a single client it most likely won’t make a difference.  3-5 devices might have some benefit you could sense, above that more and more likely you’ll feel an improvement compared to StarLink router…

Okay, I thought I’d at least see a little bit faster download/upload speeds but I guess not. Thanks for your help anyways! I appreciate it