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Asus AX11000 Router Wireless Issues

Level 7

Hey Guys,

I just upgraded from starlink to 1gb fiber. I have two asus routers in an AI mesh. When I connected via ethernet I am getting about 650mb download. When on wireless I am getting much slower speeds (sitting next to router).  I would like to understand why, maybe it is just some settings. I do have a missing atenna on one of my router (cant seem to find replacements). I am pretty computer savvy but networking is not my strong suite. I am seeing the same conditions with 2 laptops and my desktop. All decent machines.

2.4 Band 60mb

5g Band 92 mb

5g Gaming Band 200mb

Any suggestions?


Level 13

I found the antennae on eBay, hopefully they are legitimate.  There are 10 positive reviews specifically for the antenna so seems good:

Genuine ASUS SMA Antenna WiFi 2.4G/5Ghz ROG Rapture AX11000 WiFi 6 Game Router | eBay

Both routers are AX11000s?  Ethernet backhaul or wireless backhaul?  Firmware updated to latest?  If latest have you tried a hard reset on both?

Do you think the antenna could cause a problem? I will see if I can get those shipped to me. 

The main is a AX11000, the other is a 5500 or something I forget exactly. If its important I can get it for you. Firmware is the latest on both I updated today. Using ethernet backhaul.



Kevin Lay

If you have just updated to the latest firmware give it a try and see if speeds don’t improve.  If it doesn’t please consider the hard reset of both as sometimes firmware doesn’t completely install properly.  (These two steps usually solve any issues I’ve had).  I’d contact your local ASUS support about getting replacement antenna as it sounds like you aren’t in the USA.  I don’t know how much signal is lost per antenna, but I don’t really know how it responds to the missing antenna either…

Level 7

This might be a silly questio, but how do I find my local asus support?

No such thing as silly questions…

I honestly went to and searched “ASUS UK”.  The ASUS website seems to take the pattern:

Ours here un the USA is just


as another example.  If you share your country I’m happy to search for it…

The reason I say contact ASUS is because the AX11000 seem to have fragile antennae and hopefully ASUS sells stronger replacements…