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Asus AX11000 + ISP Modem (NO bridge mode)

Level 8
Hi all,

I'm the (alsmot) fully happy new user of the Asus AX11000 router and I'd like to be a fully happy user and I guess I need your help for this 😮

Let me 1st describe what I would like to achieve. I want to set up a single network where Wifi, DHCP/NAS (and potentially DNS) is managed by my Asus Router but where my ISP Modem/Router can still be used (especially to connect additional devices on its ethernet ports).
So I beleive this is what I'm after :

ISP Modem/Router :
1- Wifi deactivated
2 - DHCP/NAT/DNS deactivated
3 - No bridge mode (I still want to administrate it and use its ethernet ports)
Asus AX11000 :
1 - Manages DHCP/NAT/DNS (or use default ISP DNS)
2 - Manages Wifi
3 - I want the Asus router to asign the IPs of the devices connected to my ISP Modem/Router via Ethernet (so obvioulsy to see/reach those devices)

My problem is that I bascially couldn't achieve this 😞

So far, what I could set-up is the following :
1 - The ISP Router manages the subLAN (incl. DHCP/NAT/DNS management) and I have deactivated Wifi.
I have assigned IP to the Asus Router (to the MAC address located on the sticker below the Asus router)
2 - The Asus router manages the subLAN (incl. DHCP/NAT/DNS management) and the Wifi network.
Note that when I look at the WAN IP, I can indeed see that it is (as configured on my ISP Modem/Router)

The problem of this set up is obviously that the 2 network are "isolated" and if I plug a device on the ethernet port of my ISP router, it is not reachable on the Asus subLAN

Can someone help me on the configuration of my set up?

Thank you for your help



Level 8
Quite simply it's never going to work like that.

Any reason not to bridge the modem and just use a cheap switch for extra lan ports off the back of the ax1100?

Hi Gouldin,

I don't want to bridge because I still want to be able to administrate the Modem, furthermore going back and forth from Bridge to "Normal" mode is not soemtinhg I can do, it can only be done remotely by my ISP customer care and I don't want to depend on them.

If it can't work like that (I assume you mean the Assus router can't assign the IPs of devices plugged on the Modem, which meakes sense indeed :o), then any idea on how I could make the IPs of devices connected to my Modem "known" (or translated) to the Assus Router network?