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Anyone know if the next BE98 Pro firmware upgrade is going to enable support for WiFi 7 MLO?

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The Windows Insider forum has just released a new build which includes support for WiFi 7.  In order to see those options, a compatible system is necessary, so a new firmware is required to make the BE98 Pro compatible.  It would be helpful, if even a Beta version could be made available.

Thanks for reading.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200
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Level 8

The latest firmware is available now. To improve the system efficiency, ASUS highly recommend upgrading your firmware version.

Firmware version
- Release note -

New Features:
- Introduced AURA Night Mode.
- Added Multi-link Operation (MLO) network in Guest Network Pro.
- Added automatic WAN/LAN detection feature.
* Please note: After updating to this version, main WiFi encrytpion will be upgraded to GCMP-256 for higher security, please refer to for more information and setup suggestions.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements:
- Enhanced connectivity for WiFi 7 devices.
- Fixed client binding issues on AiMesh nodes.
- Resolved AiMesh node broadcast issues in Guest Network Pro.
- Corrected Link Aggregation UI errors.
- Fixed Guest Portal bugs.
- Improved AiMesh system stability.
- Addressed DNS errors affecting internet access for Guest Network Pro and VPN connections.
- Resolved the issues of WireGuard client profile names.
- Fixed dual WAN and VLAN 4094 IoT issues.

Security Updates:
- Fixed code execution in custom OVPN.
- Fixed command injection vulnerability.
- Fixed the ARP poisoning vulnerability.
Thanks to the contribution of Xin'an Zhou.
- Fixed code execution in custom OVPN.
Thanks to the contrubution of Jacob Baines.
- Fixed the injection vulnerability in AiCloud.
- Fixed stack buffer overflow in lighttpd.
Special thanks to Viktor Edstrom.
- Fixed CVE-2023-35720, CVE-2023-48795, CVE-2023-41913
- Fixed the code execution vulnerability in AiCloud.
Thanks to the contribution of chumen77.
- Fixed the XSS and Self-reflected HTML injection vulnerability.
Thanks to the contribution of Redfox Cyber Security.

Love to see this!

Welp....catch you guys again in 6 months lol. (Sarcasm and I hope the next update isn't that far out lol)

Level 9

Samsung S24 Ultra still has issues. Connects and then after 1-2 mins, it says connected without internet. I only tested is for 30 mins and in that 3-4 times it did that. I might suggest doing a full factory reset and manually re setting it up. Do not recover from backup.

Level 9

After I updated my BE-98 Pro to firmware "" it would not connect properly to the WAN. I had to re-apply the "Primary Wan" settings under "" 

Level 7

New firmware just hit the asus website for the gt-be98 pro.

Level 9

I picked up a Wi-Fi 7 enabled motherboard and intend on testing the capabilities. I will report back...

@crashworldtk   If you find, or can't find anything, let us know.  I have been running the advanced Windows build which has support for Wi-Fi 7.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Level 9

Good news for all GT-BE98 PRO owners. Eric is going to release RMerlin  builds soon 🙂

That's good news, the only thing is it voids your warranty correct?

No, warranty will be  there if you restore factory firmware. But no technical support.