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Anyone know if the next BE98 Pro firmware upgrade is going to enable support for WiFi 7 MLO?

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The Windows Insider forum has just released a new build which includes support for WiFi 7.  In order to see those options, a compatible system is necessary, so a new firmware is required to make the BE98 Pro compatible.  It would be helpful, if even a Beta version could be made available.

Thanks for reading.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200
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yea im at a crossroad now i really got the router for the lan functions the 2.5g and 10g ports wifi is not that important to me right now .  I move quite a bit of traffic and i have burned up 2 2.5gb switches in last 2 years.

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Asus never gave explications about the lack of support of this router... I contacted asus support team about their bugs and ask for new firmware and the only answer they gave me is : " Please do a factory reset on the router...."  They are persuaded that their router is bugless!!! I'll never purchase Asus product again!! 

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no fw update yet........

Version -  2023/11/30

Im talking about the beta firmeware that guy is giving to who ask

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I have sent to anyone who has asked, and that is the latest that I have received.  It's quite a bit of work to forward your notes on the BIOS but I do forward them to ASUS as soon as I can.

I have 3 BIOS now, the 23/11/30 one, (same day I received my BE98 Pro/release BIOS never made available as a download), one that starts with 9, then the latest that starts with 3.  (I'm sorry if I did not memorize the exact numbers, but wanted to assure you that is the latest I have.  I returned to college after over 20 years and finals are coming in just under 2 weeks).

This BIOS enables MLO.  It also appears to turn off the automatic outbound pings of Game Radar that someone caught a while back.  It thirdly/lastly adds function to the RGB lighting on the router, I believe night mode).  I was not given any notes when shared with me, just told I may want to try as it enables MLO.

EDIT-  My BE98 Pro is set up in Access Point mode due to AT&T requiring use of a BGW-320-500 gateway.  I simply connect one Ethernet port from it to a wall jack which runs to a communications box in the closet where I have 2 switches bridged together that link the rest of the house.  The other nodes are also connected to wall jacks that run to these switches.  I have now split off a GT-AXE16000 into Access Point mode and moved the RT-AX86U to being a node of that router.  If you are having trouble with 6 GHz on AXE nodes with wireless backhaul you may want to try the equivalent Repeater Mode.  (I just thought of that yesterday)...

Setting up the BE98 Pro as an AP is less messy but one would lose many of the features of this router.  For my use case, IP pass-through allows me to have better traffic control. NAT for my gaming consoles, remote access Home Assistant and WG VPN for the NAS/network are easier managed by the Asus router rather than the BGW-320 Gateway.

Its just some others use the 5g2 ban and its fine for now till we get more 6 clients

Could you please send me the latest Beta one, the one that starts with 3?  Much appreciated.

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Updated BIOS available from ASUS.  Have to go to school soon, didn't read the description...