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Any Issues Running Instant Guard VPN on GT-AXE11000?

Level 15
I'm not very familiar with what VPNs do or how they work. I am happy with the stable performance right now of my network setup. I do not want to potentially cause issues by trying to run this VPN software/service. Are there any adverse affects that people using it have noticed? Does it slow the router down? Does it slow the connection using Instant Guard while out and about? Does anyone understand how it works to make public connections secure?...

Thanks in advance!

Community Admin
Community Admin
By using VPN, it basically makes it look like you have hopped into a different location - Japan for example. Why would anyone want that? Perhaps there are bank services or TV content which are restricted to locals. Another popular reason is for privacy. It's best to subscribe to a good VPN service if you are concerned about speed, not all of them are equal.

Your router has a unique feature called VPN Fusion, this allows you to pick the clients which will use VPN. This means other clients/devices are not affected at all.

This is especially useful if you wish to have VPN on devices with limited software capabilities, such Apply/Google TV. You can't set up VPN on the devices so you do it from the router. The questions is: Do you like Japanese soap opera? 😉
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Thank you for that very insightful explanation! I hope to give it a try next time we go on vacation. (Should be sometime in late June)...