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AMP stack issues with new install of ROG GT AC5300

Level 7
Hi all.

Just upgraded from a Linksys EA6350 to the Beast of Beasts, Asus GT-AC5300.

in 2016 I setup an in house database driven page for my employer, all worked fine. was able to enter data, edit data and delete data from the site/database.

Yesterday, we purchased the GT-AC5300 as a network upgrade for several reasons not worth discussing, but since the introduction of the new router, we can no longer access the database site at all. It is not visible from any other computer on the network other then itself (there it still works fine).

For purposes of verification, I set the server back up on the old network, logged back into the old router with all PC's on the network and needless to say it is 100% functional.

Worth mentioning, I am NOT entirely sure I have the Apache config files flawlessly setup, thus the issues upon a new router.
I have looked through the old routers settings for clues and see no indication that an IP table or a Port forward setting is allowing the Old router to have access for our needs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated