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AiMesh Wrong 5ghz repeated

Level 7

I am running an aimesh system 3x gt-ax11000, and 1x rt-ac3100, all running ethernet as the backhaul.

Every firmware since Version, has caused me headaches, all newer firmware cause the rt-ac3100 to repeat my 5ghz network that I have set for ax only 160mhz, when it used to repeat the other 5ghz network that was set for all 5ghz modes (i use it for general purpose connections). So this in turn makes the rt-ac3100 5ghz network useless an unconnectable.

Is there something I'm missing to change which 5ghz it repeats or do I give up again and roll back to a 2022 firmware..?


Anyone out in asus land have any info that could help? 

I am not sure I understand exactly, your situation.  But it appears you want to be able to connect to the 5 GHz 4x4 radio on the AC3100 but nothing will connect to it?

I am still not clear on what you mean by "repeating the band"?

A far as I understand it, a device will connect to a mesh node if it is closer and has a stronger signal.

You also don't have much control over a Mesh Node's operation, except for the Backhaul.    You aren't using any CAT 7 Ethernet cables for Backhaul, correct?  And I think I read the AC3100 is limited to WPA-2, but since the main router is using WPA2 or 3, it might not matter.

And lastly, devices connect normally to the 5 GHz radio on the AC 3100 if it is not being used as a Mesh Node?

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Level 14

I’m afraid I do not have either of your router models.

What I can say is that I have an RT-AC68U and my AXE16000 has two 5 GHz channels.  I have 2.4 GHz and both 5 GHz-1 and 2 SmartConnected together.  Devices readily connect to my RT-AC68U so maybe you could try it?

I also have Guest Networks setup as “MySSID_IoT” and although I am split 50/50 on IoTs that will connect to it, (2 total IoTs), it may be worth a shot setting this up as your general 5 GHz network…

To summarize my issue. the one 5ghz band that supports 160mhz is the band the ac3100 tried and/or pretends to repeat. even if I make the same ssid for both 5ghz networks nothing can connect to the ac3100 5ghz band unless I roll back to a pre-2023 firmware on the ax11000 routers.

As for ethernet cables as back haul, some are connect by cat6, others are cat7, well above standard needed and not really relevant to my issue.

If anyone in asus land is reading these, implement a drop down box or an tick box on what  5ghz band to repeat in mixed router enviroments.. 

Both 5 GHz-1 and 5 GHz-2 have 160 MHz box checked, with 2 set as both fronthaul and backhaul in my setup.

I have a friend who’s two routers are so old they just have WPA2, for testing purposes what if you set it at that, both 5 GHz-1 and 2?

The line below is what confuses me.  The AC 3100 does not have the ability to use a 160 MHz bandwidth.  Since the radio on that device, not the primary Router, is being used to receive the signal, the statement seems there is some type of misunderstanding regarding operations.  Perhaps the misunderstanding, is mine.

all newer firmware cause the rt-ac3100 to repeat my 5ghz network that I have set for ax only 160mhz,

If you wanted to bypass the AC 3100 and bind a wireless device directly to a 5 GHz signal, you should be able to do that, but it might not be on the AC 3100.  Attempting this process, may give you more insight as to what might be happening.

You might also keep in mind, the AX11000's 5G-2 is a Gaming Wi-Fi and limited to a 1x1 operation.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Please correct me if I’m mistaken but I believe his specific issue is that no device will connect to the RT-AC3100 node for any AX11000 firmware released later than 2022.

He further suspects it’s because the RT-AC3100 is “trying to” enforce AX level connection when it can’t/is limited to AC.

My most recent suggestion is to try to limit the 5 GHz channel(s) on the AX11000 to AC connections.  It wouldn’t make sense the RT-AC3100 would follow AX protocol then.  One of the difference being WPA2 (AC) vs WPA3 (AX) I was curious if he switched to WPA2 only…

You seem to understand my issue exactly. 

Tried even going down to no security and still can't get it to repeat the non ax 5ghz band.

I would have to suspect the issue is with the  RT-AC3100 and over a year old firmware as it’s latest.

I was happily surprised that Merlín supports the RT-AC3100, can you flash it with their latest stable release and see?  (Trying to link the correct depository).

I am currently setting up a AiMesh Node using backhaul.  It will be an RT-AC68U with the AXE16000.  The AC68U has one 5G and one 2.4 G radio, as does the AC3100.

I will be providing more pictures once I am done testing, but I noticed that the configuration when turning on the Backhaul, asked me to double check the SSIDs.  Both the 2.4 and 5 GHz radios were incorrect so I had to change them both.  Just wondering if you remember that step?

If you have any suggestions of a picture I can get for you after the testing, let me know.



Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200