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AiMesh Wrong 5ghz repeated

Level 7

I am running an aimesh system 3x gt-ax11000, and 1x rt-ac3100, all running ethernet as the backhaul.

Every firmware since Version, has caused me headaches, all newer firmware cause the rt-ac3100 to repeat my 5ghz network that I have set for ax only 160mhz, when it used to repeat the other 5ghz network that was set for all 5ghz modes (i use it for general purpose connections). So this in turn makes the rt-ac3100 5ghz network useless an unconnectable.

Is there something I'm missing to change which 5ghz it repeats or do I give up again and roll back to a 2022 firmware..?


Level 13

RT-AC3100 can’t do AX.  What’s the Authentication Method set to?  Should be WPA2/WPA3 Personal.

I know it can't do ax hence why I want it to repeat the other 5ghz band im running with a seperate ssid. The 3100 after firmware updating since the 2022 firmware insists on using the ssid of the ax band. 

It isn't clear which router is your primary system and which ones are AiMesh nodes.   If the ac3100 was a Mesh node, it is pretty much controlled by the primary.  

If you are using Ethernet Backhaul, you may see a SSID available on a Mesh node that is not actually using that Radio SSID, just the Backhaul to the primary.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel AX411

A gt-ax11000 is the primary router the other 2 ax11000s are connected to it via ethernet, the rt-ac3100 is a node and is connected to the main router via ethernet as well. All firmwares before 2023 had my ac3100 repeat the non ax 5ghz network which I simply had named 5ghz, now all firmwares made this year made it repeat the ax network which I named 5ghz ext, which is set as 160mhz/ax only, which is what the 3100 tries to repeat, when it used to repeat the other network an will if I roll back firmware. 

I’m assuming you’ve swapped 5 GHz-1 and 5 GHz-2 SSID, then it still follows the SSID name 5 GHz ext to the other channel?

Yes, and I've even tried using the same ssid and nothing can connect to the ac3100 5ghz band as it insists on thinking it can repeat the ax/160mhz band. never was an issue as stated before on any firmware before 2023

Asus needs to implement a toggle or drop down box for multiband routers paired with dual band routers to choose or force what band is repeated.

Level 7

Anyone out ther in asus land have a solution for this? 

Can your devices see the 5 GHz signal from the RT-AC3100/Is it broadcasting?  If yes, what happens if you try to connect?  I'm afraid you didn't address my WPA concern....

Did you hard reset after moving from to

I lm not sure if it is broadcasting, regardless it's pointless since it can't actually repeat my 5ghz ext ssid nor do I want it to since it's not an ax router. (I have forced devices to connect to it's 5ghz band via aimesh options an nothing will or can connect to it's 5ghz band)

The ac 5ghz band is set to WPA 2/3 personal.

If I revert my firmware of my ax11000 routers the ac3100 will repeat the proper band fine, post 2022 it insists on repeating the wrong band.