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AiMesh RT-AX88U with RT-AX82U

Level 7

Hello guys

I just bought the RT-AX82U and set it as node of my primary router (the other one in the subject). No problems, but, what I can not expalin is:

- all my cables are CAT 6a STP, house included

If I set the backhaul connection type between the two routers, I have a Gbit connection on the AX82U WAN port and, the LAN 1 connected to my desktop PC is set at 100 Megabit, all done by themselves

If I deactivate the backhaul connection, the connection between the two routers change to 100 M and the one to my PC change to 1 G

Is it possible to have both setted to 1G?


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi, for ASUS networking products, please check out the networking section in ZenTalk. Thanks.

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