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AiMesh newbie

Level 7

I have a TUF-ax5400 and would like to get WiFi out to my shed / man cave
Currently I use another (Linksys) router connected to ethernet port by the window of house which does the trick. However the subnet is fixed at a different IP to my main network (it provides 10.0.0.x and Asus is 192.168.1.x). Devices on the 10 subnet can see the 192 subnet but not the other way around

My question is, can I use Asus RP-ax56
(ASUS RP-AX56 AX1800 Dual Band WiFi 6 (802.11ax) Range Extender / AiMesh Extender for seamless mesh WiFi; works with any WiFi router to provide an extension to my network out to the shed so that ALL of the devices in the shed will be on the 192.168.1.x subnet?

Is that what aimesh does?

Level 14
Yes, you should be able to easily set up an RP-AX56 as an AI Mesh node and devices should "see" each other across both ways.

BUT I suspect you can change the Linksys router to Access Point mode and accomplish similar, that both sides can "see" each other. Devices moved from area to the other may drop and need to reconnect to WiFI...

I am unable to change the Linksys router as it is my ISP provided one and is hard coded to 10.0.x.y !!

Final question, will the aimesh extend beyond 1 mesh node.
I.e. mesh node --> mesh node --> tuf ax5400

Or do all mesh nodes have to be able to connect directly to the main router

Yes the AiMesh nodes can be connected daisy chained. It may slow down some I am not sure because your RP-AX56 only has one Ethernet port and you would need to extend that, say 2 RP-AX56s, one would be WiFi (they call connections between router and nodes "backhaul"). WiFi backhaul can limit the speed some. The answer could be the middle one could be a different model with more than one Ethernet port and wired backhaul all the way. (There is more than one way to solve this)...

But you can change the first three series of ASUS to 10.0.0.x where x is within the range of the Linksys and should be able to see each other as well.

Of course if you're okay spending the money AiMesh has it's benefits....

Here is one forum member who set up his ASUS network with 10.0.0.

Level 7
That's certainly an option to move everything to 10.0.0.x subnet
It would be cheaper too as I wouldn't need any new hardware. I need an afternoon where there's no Netflix / laptops being used by the family!
Thanks for informational