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AIMesh IP assignment

Level 7

Hi all, I am wondering what happens exactly with the routing + DHCP functions of my router (GT-AXE16000 being the main router -- router 1 -- on the ground floor, two older GT-AC5400 as AiMesh nodes, one also on the ground floor, --router 2-- one on the upper floor -- router 3--). All routers are on the latest firmware versions.

The "internet box"  from the ISP  acts as router --router 0 -- with IPs in 192.168.0.x, and router 1 is connected (wired) to router 0. Nothing else is connected to router 0.

When I am connected through wires to router 1, I do get IPs in 192.168.1.x as it should be. Same when I am on the ground floor connected to the wifi.

Nevertheless, when connected to the wifi (the network defined on router 1, something that has never been defined on router 0) on the upper floor (using the same network, although maybe another band - I cannot know as I enabled SmartConnnect to enable easier connection for the family), I get IPs  in 192.168.0.x, as if I were connected to router 0 directly, and trying to reach router 1's  config page at fails.

What can explain this situation, and how to fix it?


Level 15

First I suggest trying to find out if you can set the router from your ISP (as you designate 0), to switch to Bridge mode, if not then hopefully IP Passthrough.

It seems if the client gets 192.168.0.x it is connected to the ISP router.  I would suggest turning off the WiFi on the ISP router if it isn't needed to cover an area.