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AIMesh connection question/confusion

Level 7

I have an  GT-AX11000 Pro router at the "back end" of my home in the "office" and an XT8 as a AI Mesh station at the extreme front of my home in the front of  the garage about 60 feet apart connected through Ethernet backhaul and they are working great. 

What I don't understand is why I have a Wi-Fi device (Smart TV) connected in the office literally 4 feet from the router by WiFI  that connects to the node in the garage 60 feet away.  Same thing with a couple other devices like my Ecobee thermostat (10 feet from the router) and an irrigation sprinkler controller about 15 feet from the router.  

When I try and force bind them to the AX11000 router, I get a "Wi-Fi signal **MAY** be too weak message.

Why would these devices even attempt to connect to the 60-foot away Mesh node vs. the 4 foot to 15 foot away AX11000?

Everything works fine, I just don't understand the "science" as to why this happens.  Not sure why I got this router as I am not a "gamer" but I figured it would work better and further.   😀




Level 15

I'm not sure why it's like that but usually devices gravitate towards the primary router.  From personal experience you can continue to bind ignoring that warning.  It should then move to the AX11000 Pro AND have better signal.  If it doesn't maybe there's a bug in the firmware/BIOS.

Make sure to have the latest firmware/BIOS on both routers.

Level 7

Thanks, and yes, firmware is current.  I agree as I would THINK it should work as you say which is why I posted the Q.  

Sometimes it behaves that way if you recently updated the primary router firmware/BIOS.  (If conversely you update a node firmware then the devices may connect to the router).