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AiMesh cabling question

Level 7
I’ve searched all over and can’t find a specific answer for this

*Asus aimesh cabling question I currently have 3 rog gt-ax11000 routers in a mesh setup, and I want to interconnect with cables for the back hauling. This is a stupid question most likely, but I’d like to know if I get an enterprise class switch with 48 copper ports. Could I run all 4 ports of each router to the switch, and then bind those 4 ports together for load balancing. And use that for the back haul? Or, am I stuck with a single gbit cable connection for each? Not even sure it’s possible.

Level 11
You'd probably be able to load balance 2 ethernet ports, (LAN aggregation). I do not know if you would be able to run the two lines to the switch, then run two lines each to the other two AX11000, or only between two of the AX11000, then a single line to the other AX11000. Only two (maximum) LAN/WAN ports are available for load balancing as I know per router...