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Accessing your QNAP NAS through vpn on asus router

Level 7

Hello! I am learning to use OpenVpn and I wonder if anyone could offer some advice:

I have installed openvpn on my asus router. It was very easy and I can access my network externally (while remote, introducing my router IP opens the router configuration page)

However, I have not been able to access my NAS once the vpn conection is activated. Nor through the qnap local IP address, the qnap DDNS address, not even the Plex app can access my NAS.

I wonder if this is caused there is a conflict with the VPN Subnet / Netmask on the configuration router. However, I do not have any clue how that works.

Anyone has any advice or recommends an Asus-qnap guide?



Level 13

Thank you for your reply. That option is ok to use the NAS web interface... However to use the NAS a online drive on my devices you miss many features.