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AC68U + AC68U AIMesh, connect node with 5ghz backhaul, only advertise 2.4ghz from node, possible?

Level 7

I have two AC68U 1900s currently connected with one as an AIMesh Node. The node gets fantastic 5ghz backhaul, however it repeats it quite poorly. I have approx 900mbps via cable and ~500mbps from the main router via 5ghz.

If I am in the room with the node, I actually get faster speeds (300mbs) from the main router, than I do from the node (120mbs). I would expect some loss due to it repeating the signal, but it is substantially slower. Even when I get close to out of range of the main router, the node is slower. Only when I am essentially completely out of range of the router does the node become faster.

I tried setting 2.4ghz backhaul as a test, however 2.4ghz backhaul gets absolutely terrible signal strength (20mbps) so this is not an option.

Is it possible to use 5ghz backhaul, but have the node only advertise the 2.4ghz SSID. That way my phone would only ever connect to the node when its completely out of range of the main router.

If my phone (nexus 😎 auto renegotiated from the node back to the router this wouldn't be an issue. However as the node becomes in range first when I walk in the door it connects, then stays connected, even if Im standing next to the router for 10 minutes meaning I get poor speeds, it will never renegotiate to connect to the router even if I leave my phone overnight. I have to disconnect and reconnect to get it to connect to the faster router.

TLDR, I want my phone to only connect to the node if it provides a faster connection, as soon as the router provides a faster connection I want it to connect (even if it takes several minutes to figure this out).

I have some last resorts but Id like to try and solve this with the current hardware if possible. Eg is there anyway to tell my phone (or the router/node) that my phone prefers the router over the node?

Run ethernet backhaul to the node.

Run the "node" as an AP (with no SSIDs advertised) and wire up my old deco M5 with a seperate SSID. (Android is smart enough to swap SSIDs when one is faster).



Level 14

Try enabling SmartConnect.  It band steers clients to the best available, (at least it’s supposed to)…