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3rd party firmware for GS-AX3000?

Level 7
I unfortunately bought a GS-AX3000 router a few days ago and found that most of the lauded features are locked behind a data harvesting agreement.

I've run ddwrt on other routers I've owned so my first reaction is to try and install a different firmware. ddwrt doesn't have any information about this router, but I heard about Merlin and found several forks for different sets of hardware but no GS-AX3000.

Instead of stumbling around trying to find something I figured I'd take a shortcut and ask here. So... what are my options?

Level 9
I just got one of these routers as well. I was wondering about Merlin. But it appears that Merlin does not support this router. I see that it does support the RT-AX58U/RT-AX3000 and read here that the hardware of my new router is the same. I don't know if I am taking this too literally or if this is correct info. But if so, can I run Merlin for the RT-AX58U on this box? I am open to other alternatives as well. So just wondering what you ended up doing? Thanks