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ROG-STRIX-850G-WHITE cables turning Pink!

Level 7

So I bought a ROG Strix 850w white PSU a couple of years back for my all white build.  Fast forward to yesterday, when I decide to upgrade my ROG Strix GTX 1080ti to an RTX 4080 Gigabyte AERO as the ROG Strix model was too expensive.

The spec sheet for the PSU said it comes with 3 6-pin pci-e cables, which is what is needed to run it but when I got home, there were only two total and I didn't want to wait around to source a third cable, so I just downgraded to a 4070 ti, which only uses 2 pci-e cords. 

The missing PCI-E cable is not the issue (though it is an issue).  The real issue is all the fabric based PSU cables have turned various shades of pink, instead of being their normal bright white.  So what is the point of buying something specifically for its colour to only have that colour ruined in a few years??

Beware when buying ROG products that are white!!  You have been warned.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @cill0r .

I am not entirely sure what you mean by "turning pink" in your description.
Could you provide photos to record the details so that we can better understand the problem?
If possible, please also provide the environment and details for storing PSU-related accessories.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

By turning pink I mean their colour was once white and over time became pink.  
Their storage conditions was the inside of my PC.  Those cables turned pink.
The others were stored in the box the PSU came in, in a closet between 16-21°C at low relative humidity levels.

Below is a picture of the pink cables.  The colours dont come thru as strongly with my cell phone but you can see that they have turned a pinkish/orange hue.  They were once perfectly white!!   Please excuse the tangle, I haven't cleaned it up since messing about with the pink cable issue.



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @cill0r 

Please check the top right corner of the screen and kindly share the details requested in the PM inbox.

Thank you!

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂