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PSU for ROG STRIX 4090 OC (1000W)

Level 7

Because its Black Friday week on Amazon.De i am buying a brand new PSU for my Strix RTX 4090 OC (got the remaining one).

What 1000W PSU do you advocate for this card ?

Option is a Corsair RM 1000x PSU with the brought sleeved Corsair cable - around 184,34 €

Corsair RM1000x SHIFT (have the 5000D case) - however they are type 5 so I dont wanna restrict myself on those cables - 166 €

Asus Rog Strix air of mystery a thousand W - 222 € (this one is kinda getting me however the fee is premium)

MSI A1000G -

Corsair HX1000i ATX three.0 ready - 201 €

Some other thought on Amazon DE ?


Level 9

Please tell us why you want to upgrade?

Is your existing PSU too small?

Is your system unstable or getting too hot during long game sessions?

Do you want to save energy?

Do you want more power cables for separately powered devices?

A cleaner or more fancy look?

A more quiet PC?

More control e.g. by measuring the power consumption of your devices?


If your PC is contained in a case then consider the possible size including conflicting position of devices, necessary cable length, and position of air inlets and outlets.