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It shouldnt be hard to make 16amp surge protectors while you make 16amp socketPSUs..Thor850 Problems

Level 7

Does ROG Thor 850p requires surge protector extension board? Its really hard to find a 16amp extension surge protection board with 16amp as the same one as ROG...

All of the surge protection board which are available is only 6Amp... i am really worried about this, how could ROG Not think about this and dont have any kind of surge protection?

My main problem is with the 16amp huge socket, it doesnt get into 6amp surge protection boards

ROG , PLEASE BE CARING ENOUGH TO MAKE DEDICATED SURGE EXTENSION Board for your PSU Because there are no premium brands which are making 16amp surge protection boards, Almost all of the brands limits the support to 6A to 10A

Besides the factor of they're not supporting it, it will  serve as additional source of income for you if you make powerful surge protector with ROG Brand logo...

Yesterday only i came to know rog thor has 16amp while i tried to put into 6amp surge protection board, it didnt went inside... so i called a electrician to remove 2 extra switches from the board and connect a New 20AMP socket by sharing the power button on the already existing 20AMP socket(the one which you see on right end)


only after the electrician left, i came to know that i only fixed the plug issue but failed to think about surge protection and felt that money invested on setting up a new socket is wasted as i could just use the 6amp to 16amp convertor adapter plug which electrician offered me the idea

I first tried this only but i felt that adapter was too big



 these have been working for 9 to 10 years as of now and never had this type of issues... since plug was too big, i told him to add a new wall socket but since i came to know that the new socket lacks surge protection and couldnt find surge protection exrendion boards online for 16amp... i went back to the adapter idea but i feel like the adapter is too big and i pointlessly wasted money on creating 20AMP Socket

I request you to please justify my purchase of ROG Thor 850p and creation of 20AMP wall socket by being the first gaming brand in the world to develop premium surge protectors with 16amp wall socket and 16amp protection sockets with rog logo as led indication..

I really dont know why you refuse to make usb hubs, surge protectors, etc

I dont want thor to be fragile and wreck the attached components of motherboard, cpu, gpu, ram, hdd, cooler etc(due to lack of surge protection)

PSU is the mother of motherboard and all components but i feel ashamed you dont care about this...hopefully your innovation and care improves...

Thank you


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Scavxo 

Could you please share more details about the reason for your 16-amp requirement?
Based on your description, it seems that the surge protector is unable to fully meet your needs.
May I ask if you have considered purchasing an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Thank you.

Yes i have sinewave ups

And the method which i used has been working