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Does ASUS have 12vhpwr 2x6 connectors compatible with ASUS PSUs ready for sale anywhere?

Level 8

Hi, I'm putting together an ASUS ROG Evangelion-02 build, but using the ASUS ROG THOR 1600w Titanium PSU instead of the 1000w EVA-02 by ASUS.

I've got everything ready so to speak, but my main concern is the 12vhpwr cable, its connector, and then also the adapter that came with the ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 4090 OC EVA-02 GPU.
Since it's "outdated" already because of its inherent security flaws in its design that's causing them to melt (also read some random things about it catching on fire, but who knows if that's true or not), and PCI-SIG has already changed the standard to 12vhpwr 2x6 connectors, I'm wondering if ASUS got any compatible connectors for sale anywhere, whether it's from a retail shop or directly from ASUS in some corner I couldn't find, that uses the new 2x6 standard and works with the 1600w ASUS ROG THOR PSU?

It appears the new standard is supposed to be backwards compatible, but I honestly don't care about the specifics how that's accomplished. I'm not a computer technician. I'm not any kind of engineer. I'm not even an electrician. I don't need to know about that. I'm just a consumer building his own rig, and I need at the very least a connector that doesn't melt when the cost is so high and the risk of damage to the GPU or other parts is so high if it happens.

PCI-SIG is to blame for the botched job with the design of it. Nvidia is to blame for using it. But my only concern right now, is mitigating and hopefully removing that risk as soon as possible, as an end user.

I'm sorry if it came out a bit hostile, I'm just really stressed out right now, and finding out that much money has been wasted if it can't be fixed any time soon, would not exactly be a happy ending for me.