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ASUS ROG Thor 1200W Strange Noise

Level 7
A week age I built a new PC and installed a new ASUS ROG Thor 1200W PSU.
Now I suddenly hear a strange noise coming from it. At first I though that a curtain next to the PC was scratching against something when the window was open. But then I put my ears to the PC and realized it is a sound coming from the PSU. It is a very faint scratching/crackling noise. Just very brief. It sounds like a very quiet HDD writing something. At first it was just occasionally. But now it seems that it comes up every few seconds (buzz-quiet-buzz-quiet-buzz...). I fear that it may be static electricity inside the PSU.
Does anyone else have this problem? What could it be?

Level 7

I just got the 1600W model and it does the same thing especially once the power ramps up. Not sure its normal but is concerning to me.

Level 7

I had the 1000W Thor II and it had these high pitch frequency noise, i returned on amazon and ask the refund on my amazon account, then before i return it i order a new one but now 1200w as ill upgrade CPU and GPU later so then this new one i just turned on and it have 3x louder and even higher pitch noise, ill return monday straight away, ill try one more time grab an ASUS Thor just because all my parts are Asus, but bro seriously i went mad with that. If next one does the same ill go for Seasonic 1300 Platinum instead.

Hi @Lord_Darkmoon @sergiofilho ,

based on your issue, could you please provide a video demonstrating the electrical noise produced by the device for our reference? 
Have you cross-tested to confirm that the sound is coming from the power supply? 
Also, can you provide the model number of your graphics card? 
Have you tried adjusting the settings to see if the issue persists? 
In a quiet environment or for individuals sensitive to high-frequency sounds, this noise might be more noticeable. 
ASUS strives to minimize the generation of electrical noise, but as it is a physical phenomenon resulting from the normal operation of the device, it is challenging to completely eliminate such noise. 
Thank you.

  • 7800x3d, Asus B650e-e, 2x32gb Gskill expo 6000mhz, AIO DeepCool LT720, 7900XTX Sapphire Nitro+

Before the 1000w Thor was less louder than this new 1200w, today my GPU started with some coil whine as well is like a câncer spreading all over my 40 days PC built, I'm very frustrated with all this situation, I don't have spare Mobo to test, but I took off the GPU and AIO cables, placed the HDMI at the Mobo Internal Graphics port same thing, soon I turn ON the switch and the Mobos Led turn ON a very loud and high pitch noise start, started slightly change the frequency like a a sine wave, the noise is constantly.I also noticed while gaming in different situations the frequency/volume changes also if i plug a Pen drive, the frequency/volume change as well.

I decided built all asus at the beginning, but at first I sending back the AIO Ruyjin 360 due a coil whine at the pump and grabbedthe DeepCool, then everything was perfect, 2 weeks later coil whine on the 1000w Thor then I sent it back, decided to stay with Asus and it got worse, and then today the GPU started with this as well is like a nightmare.


How I can upload the video ? I couldn't find the button, maybe bcz I'm doing by my smartphone.