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Thor 2 1000W PSU missing ARGB Cables

Level 7
I just bought this power supply, installed it in the case, and started plugging in the cables, to find the ARGB cables are missing (2 pin to 3 pin cable). I immediately contacted support and asked for help and was told to go buy the cable or buy the cable from custom cables (their cable partner?). So I spent the evening going around all the 3C stores in my area looking for the cable and they all told me they don't have it cause it's an ASUS proprietary cable and they all told me to contact build is literally waiting on this cable.

Hugely disappointed in the service I received, especially since it should be in the box. I bought this PSU, after being a really long time ASUS ROG customer, because I trusted their customer service and products. Until this product I was super happy with ROG products...Until I had a problem with this particular flagship product. Returning items to stores here is really difficult in my country. Anyone have any ideas what to do and how to get this particular cable?

Customer Service Agent
Hi drdoan,
May I know where you live in?
I suggest consult the seller first because you just bought it.
Thank you.