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How to remove 500 W from a ASUS ROG Strix G10-ce desktop

Level 8

I am going to upgrade the PSU in my G10-CE from the 500W to a 1000W.  When you remove the existing PSU do you have to remove the motherboard?  How easy is it to remove the modular PSU?  Has anyone kept the original cables when hooking up to a new Corsair RM1000W PSU or used as recommended the cables that are supplied with the new PSU?  

I am planning to hook the new PSU up to the existing Nvidia RTX 3060 for the time being but will be changing the GPU for a 4070 in the near future.  Next year probably will upgrade the case and the motherboard/cpu to a LGA1700 12th or 13th generation piece.  


Level 14

Do not use existing PSU cables with a new PSU unless the two PSUs are known with absolute certainty to use the same pinouts.  There's no standard for the pinouts on the PSU end of the cables, and using the wrong cables can kill either the PSU or the stuff powered by it or both.  Do not mix and match power cables.

I don't know the G10 case, so can't be certain about removing the PSU.  On a normal mid or full tower build, you shouldn't need to remove the motherboard.  With a pre-built system, it depends if they did something unusual/weird in the design.