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FREE 16-PIN PCIe Cable

Level 8


It has recently come to my attention that owners of a ROG Thor PSU can contact ASUS for a FREE 16-Pi....

I have since contacted the "General" ASUS Support about this which has forwarded me to Regional Support to handle the details which told me they only have Cables for 1000W Models in their Warehouse but provided me a link to a Partner Reseller that a) doesn't list the Cable to begin with and b) would most likely also not be handing it out for free if they had them.

Replying to my Regional Support about the certain likelihood of all ROG Thor Models to be using the same 16-PCIe Cable Harness I'm now being told that my ASUS ROG Thor 850W Platinum Model is suddenly not eligible for such a Cable - DESPITE - BEING - LISTED.

So... What is it? "ASUS goes all in" or "ASUS pulls out after all"?


Level 7

crazy not a fan of the thor brand at all or i have the worst luck my first 850 blew less then 30 days after purchace taking out crosshair ek formula x570 they replaced and a rog 3080ti that was set to be waterblocked upon tear down of the card i noticed that had taken a hit from the psu aswell but because i took the card apart and left tool marks on a screw that holds the backplate on asus sited CID customer induced damage no other reason soley the screw voided my warranty and then offered to sell me a new replacement at almost 2300 above the retail card price from memory express during the dry spell lol... then i resold the thor 850 replacement i got back and last month grabbed another thor 850  figured id held a grudge against the model long enough and price was right 3 weeks in and it has now failed on a pcie port that was powering my 6pin aux power on the x570 extreme mobo lol

so back in with my trusty thermal take 1550watt psu that thermal take gave me for FREE cause they could replace a 1200 wat i had in a timely manner. id like to try the new thor with 1200 or 1600 i cant remeber but at a price point 1000 dollars retail thats a hard pill to swallow with reent events considering the 1550 watt thermal take was only 600 cad to buy if i had paid out of pocket and the reviews a pretty gnarly considering the one reviewer i watch said it went as high as 2300 watts prior to failure or the safety tripped but hey thats my rant for the day best of luck to you