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How to remove 500 W from a ASUS ROG Strix G10-ce desktop

I am going to upgrade the PSU in my G10-CE from the 500W to a 1000W.  When you remove the existing PSU do you have to remove the motherboard?  How easy is it to remove the modular PSU?  Has anyone kept the original cables when hooking up to a new Cor...

Trying to find a ROG THOR

I'm getting ready to do a brand new build and have been looking everywhere for a ROG THOR PSU 850w - 1000w. There don't seem to be any available at a reasonable price anywhere in the US. Does ASUS still make these anymore?

0db switch seems to do nothing

I have a Thor1200P, and I just realized that even with the 0db button pushed in, the fans never spins. I have tried the button out and in, and there is no difference.I would prefer to have it spin all the time.Anyone else see this issue?Thanks,

Malador by Level 8
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Rog thor psu 1000w

I recently purchased the ROG THOR 1000w P2 and noticed after booting my pc the colors stop cycling after about 2 or 3 cycles and then stays on one color. If I lock my computer however the cycles starts again. Any suggestions on why this might be ha...

1st Build ....Noob question about thor 850W

Hey all,1st time builder here and I have my PSU (thor 850) and Mobo in case and all wired up. But am waiting on the CPU and RAM. I powered it up to see if my Mobo would light up as it has Bios feedback and it did but no lights or anything from my PSU...

KultXr by Level 8
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ASUS ROG THOR 850W (OLED screen problem)

Hello,I decided to switch from an EVGA 850 W G2 (80 Plus Gold) power supply to an ASUS ROG THOR 850 W (80 Plus Platinium).Everything is connected correctly, the PC starts and works well in office automation, but I have the OLED screen of the ROG THOR...

FAUCKS by Level 7
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ROG G752VT Power block and cables give away

My ASUS ROG G752VT-DH74 notebook bit the dust, it did not survive a cup of hot coffee across the keyboard. I have removed the memory & drives, but the power block & cables are available. I don't know how much it is worth, but worthless to me. If a...

Thor 2 1000W PSU missing ARGB Cables

I just bought this power supply, installed it in the case, and started plugging in the cables, to find the ARGB cables are missing (2 pin to 3 pin cable). I immediately contacted support and asked for help and was told to go buy the cable or buy the ...

drdoan by Level 7
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ROG Thor 850P Missing Cable

So I ordered this unit, and oddly enough when the package arrived the product wasn't sealed as seen on unboxing videos, so a few weeks later i realised the power cord was nowhere to be found in the box, does this fact depend on the region the psu is ...