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ASUS ROG THOR 850W (OLED screen problem)

Level 7

I decided to switch from an EVGA 850 W G2 (80 Plus Gold) power supply to an ASUS ROG THOR 850 W (80 Plus Platinium).

Everything is connected correctly, the PC starts and works well in office automation, but I have the OLED screen of the ROG THOR power supply which is flashing with display bugs and which does not display the information on Watts.

I also did a cross test with another PC, start the power supply on without connecting anything (apart from the 20 + 4 Pins cable) to dermarer it, nothing has always caused OLED screen problems (artefacts, flashing, no watts display)

Someone has the same problem ?88761

Level 7
Any help with this old'ish thread? I have same oled corruption issues - not sure if it's an RMA needed or can I refresh firmware or something??


same problem,display not working

rufus_lumus wrote:
same problem,display not working

My 1200W only sort of works. It does the animation on startup with the logo, ASUS name, Thor, and 1200W being displayed; so the screen is clearly in working order, but then it displays "2W" once it finishes and the only times it changes is to briefly change to 1W from time to time and, since swapping out the MSi MPG X570 mobo for an ASUS ProArt X570 mobo, I saw 3W briefly pop up.

I have it plugged into an "always on" socket on the front of a BLA PG-2 power conditioner so it's certainly being fed clean stable power.

I have the mobo cable plugged in, CPU cable, and a SATA cable.
The RGB cable is not connected, so it hasn't connected to the Aura Sync software and therefore the RGB stays red.

Another thing is that the fan never turns on and the time I pushed the 0dB button while the PC was on, it immediately shutdown like I flicked the switch.

My new ROG THOR 1200W P2 lcd worked pretty well during 1 month. Now on boot it just shows logo animation a brief ~2 sec shows some reading in watt, and immeadtly shuts down the LCD!
The PSU itself seems to be working ok, though i bought this 3xp3nsive product also due to the LCD as o want to monitor the input wattage.
Already mailed asus support and waiting for them to contact me , te price paid for this products deserves better quality and durability!
This needs to be fixed/replaced as it is in warranty, but i hope it does not repeat again, otherwise ASUS will receive a very negative feedback publically on this.